Social & Community Participation

We can help you achieve a sense of belonging within your community!

5 people on community bowling outing, funded by NDIS plan

Why would Social & Community Participation be good for me?

Social & Community Participation is funded under a seperate line in your NDIS plan and is a great option for Clients that need or want to take that step into the community and make friends, participate in group activities and adventures as well as supporting economic and social participation.

Clients using public transport to go on an adventure together

What can I do?

The options are very broad with what you can achieve with these activities in your NDIS plan.

Community participation can include:

  • Education, courses
  • Appointments and Health Assessments
  • Life Satisfaction Outcomes
  • Providing access to public transport and support in doing so
  • Actively participating in community events
  • Enhance community engagement and diversity.

Customised Care

Social and Community Participation is customised to your needs and wants. SCSS can work with you to tailor your individualised support plan.

Your achievments are unlimiited in this space and can be used as an access to a broad variety of community participation which can even lead to volunteering and jobs in some cases.

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