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All Plan Managment provides you full choice and control of where your funds are spent without the administrative and account keeping burden.

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Plan Management is one of four options that the NDIS provide for participants to manage their funding that is provided in an NDIS plan.

Plan Management is, in its essence, a financial intermediary function responsible for receiving & processing invoices directly from providers such as Therapists, Support providers, assistive technology providers, consumable suppliers or any other service providers that are included in the participants NDIS plan.

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To empower you with convenient plan management.


  • Stability – Providing stability through trusted resources.
  • Control – Total choice and control.
  • Convenience – Providing convenience through responsive measures.
  • Flexibility – Continual flexibility to suit your needs.
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Is All Plan Management right for me?

Participants who choose Plan Management have a few distinct advantages including; engaging supports from non-NDIS registered providers; assistance with the NDIS portal; a partner in navigating the NDIS; someone to help you make the most out of your NDIS Plan, and best of all you have the choice and control of self-manage without the administrative burden.

A plan manager is also responsible for providing monthly statements to you, the Client, including; a summary of expenditure and a breakdown of budget totals remaining to which all Plan Management services provide an easy to use app that can be downloaded (Careview) that allows participants to access their budget totals at any time with the touch of a button.

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NDIS Clients that request to be Plan Managed will receive a budget allocation under the heading “Improved Life Choices” included within your NDIS Plan. You, the Client can then utilise a registered Plan Management provider (such as All Plan Management) to manage your NDIS plan.

Our Staff

All Plan Management Staff make a complicated system, simple.

You can go about your day to day activities with peace of mind knowing that All Plan Management has a sound knowledge about the NDIS and will take care of your needs.

Our team are available via phone or email Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 5pm with friendly & professional staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to approve every invoice?

The choice is yours, your Plan Manager will follow your lead on how to you want to pay the accounts.

How do I choose a Plan Manager?

Choose a registered NDIS Plan Manager at the time of your Plan Meeting

How do my suppliers/services get paid?

We look after all of the processing and paying providers for services and supports that you have received.

Is All Plan Management on Social Media?

Yes you can locate us on Facebook, instagram and LinkedIn (Facebook @allplanmanagement, Instagram #allplanmanagement and on LinkedIn find us with All Plan Management). Check out our pages today

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