Accredited & Certified NDIS Provider

Southern Cross Support Services (SCSS) is certified forHuman Services Quality Standards (HSQS) & more recently under the NDIS Core Practice Standards.

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The entire business works under a quality improvement directive whereby staff at all levels can suggest improvements within the business.

The Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) that sits under HSQS, outlines a set of quality standards for organisations working in Human Services and, in particular, with Children in care. It aims to ensure quality services are provided at all times.


HSQS Certification

Certification is granted when an organisation passes assessment by an independent, third-party (known as a certification body) and is identified as meeting the standards.

Certification means that standards are being met and that the organisational performance is being enhanced through continual improvement. Certification occurs over a three-year cycle and incorporates:

  • a certification/recertification audit
  • a mid-term maintenance audit conducted within 18 months of the certification decision.

The Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) is endorsed by 6 key standards:

  1. Governance and Management
  2. Service Access
  3. Responding to Individual Need
  4. Safety, Wellbeing and Rights
  5. Feedback, Complaints and Appeals
  6. Human Resources
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The NDIS Standards cover all principles of the NDIS

Registered NDIS providers must:

SCSS must comply with these standards which comprise; each with outcomes that need to be met to ensure high quality and safe supports are provided to our NDIS clients.

SCSS completed our first NDIS Audit during 2019 and gained certification ensuring our NDIS Registered Provider Status.

Code of Conduct

NDIS is the source of funding for supports and services for Australians that have a permanent or significant disability. All SCSS disability clients have some level of funding provided by the NDIS.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is a national, independent agency that aims to ensure and improve the quality and safety of disability supports and services. The Commission has released the NDIS Code of Conduct to guide all people working with NDIS providers.

SCSS Policies and Procedures

SCSS has a Code of Conduct and a large number of policies and procedures that govern the way staff all work. It is expected that staff know the policies and procedures relevant to their role and comply with them.

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