Rostering Unavailability & Christmas Holidays

Humanity has had an update recently that has now changed the way rosters record unavailability.
Unavailability is the term given to the days and time slots that you regularly cannot work. Changes to availability will incur up to 4 weeks of implementation, so please plan, and ensure that you help us to help you.
How to:
  1. On a PC
  2. Open Humanity
  3. Go to Availability at the top ribbon
  4. You will see your own availability presented on the table. And you will now be prompted to put in requests for when you are not available for work.
  • Once this has been updated, the boxes will show “Pending” in orange. This will then be monitored by Rostering and approve requests. It is important though that you notify email hidden; JavaScript is required to advise that you have changed your “Unavailability”.
Please note, that changes to rostering unavailability should not occur outside of windows of opportunity that Rostering will advise, and this will lock your unavailability in for the next 3 months. In this time if you have an emergency or something that you have no control over and cannot fill a shift you need to let rostering know as soon as possible for this shift to be covered.

Leave requests for Christmas and New Year need to be finalised by the 13th November 2020. Please be aware that we are already very short on staff during this crucial time and that our Clients rely on the care and support from you. Rostering are understanding with split shifts during the holidays to ensure that you get to spend time with your loved ones as well. Please discuss your options with your team first and then notify Rostering as soon as possible.

Leave requests for planned time off must be entered into Employment Hero and not through Humanity, thank you.

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