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Gympie Beat - NDIS Update

Right in the heart of SCSS territory, the Gympie Service Delivery Team have been working hard on providing the best possible service delivery that is consistent with SCSS Vision and Values.

Team Gympie is a fledgling collective of enthusiastic, eclectic, driven individuals, passionate about their role in the support of NDIS Clients. As the word in the community has grown to show that SCSS is a great place to go for NDIS support, our team has at times, been stretched, and challenged to meet these changes head on and provide what we do best, FUN, SUPPORT and OPPORTUNITY. Team Gympie have responded with positivity, flexibility, bemusement (sometimes) and professionalism (always). Each Team Member has gone above and beyond on a weekly basis to ensure services are maintained and expanded based on demands of our Client's ever-changing needs.

During the past month or so, we have had visits from CEO Cheryl, NDIS SCSS Guru’s Lorraine and David, and RM Claire to our spacious office in the main street of Gympie. These were all exciting opportunities to share the vision of SCSS and how we can implement that better in our Gympie Region. So,,,,,,,, after much discussion, Gympie will be joining the CRIB CLUB Amazingness in the near future with some exciting developments to our Gympie Office to make it a “livelier” and “welcoming “environment for NDIS Clients. We plan to have the best CRIB in SCSS, so.... Watch this space.

Team Gympie has been working hard on developing SIL capacity and this is an exciting opportunity for the community, as there is a high need for this service. The Client's we support in Gympie have been making great progress, as they access the community and develop activities which they can enjoy with their Support Team.

As part of our Office beautification, an Art competition has been put in place and this will continue through to January where a winner will be announced. At this early stage, one Client has set a significant standard in this competition. Client Deb, who has been with SCSS Gympie for 6-months, has multiple artworks that will be displayed in the Gympie Office. Deb has had some major health concerns over the past few years and had not been drawing for extended periods, but with the extra support and confidence with her Support Team, has begun to draw again, and is excited about continuing this activity. Deb has an amazing talent for drawing still life, animals, and portraits, and is seeking opportunity, suggestions, and ideas to create more works of art, for herself and for others.

Client Courtney has been volunteering weekly as an assistant in a Dog Day Care and Grooming Business, and this has given Courtney confidence and encouragement to develop her independence. Courtney enjoys working with animals and learning grooming and handling skills.

Client Robert is currently studying a Diploma of Community Services, and with the help from his Support Team, has been able to focus on his studies, and has churned through modules in the past month. This has energized Robert and he is excited about opportunities that will arise once he has completed his course. Robert is excited to be able to apply his lived experience and knowledge to helping others who are experiencing difficulties.

Client Ruby has begun to access Short Term Accommodation (STA) with her long-term SCSS Team Member Lisa, and this has been an exciting event for Ruby, as she has some “Girl Time” outside of her family environment. Ruby is feeling very liberated, and independent with learning all the skills she requires to be an independent woman! Ruby has been exploring her community and how to navigate it successfully.

So, all in all, Team Gympie is growing well and learning how exciting the NDIS and local community is!!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!

~ Kevin, NDIS Case Manager Gympie

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