Learning about the NDIS can be challenging, especially when managing a family, a child with special needs or important life stages. Our NDIS qualified specialists are experienced, independent Support Coordinators who will help you to take control of your NDIS plan and build your skills and confidence to maximise your NDIS funding.


Support Coordination helps build your ability to act independently. This can include empowering you to access and co-ordinate your supports, and providing assistance to help you participate more in your community. SCSS have many relationships within the community and understand how each local business can best provide you assistance; by partnering with SCSS, you don’t have to do all that work yourself, but can rely on our expertise. SCSS Support Coordinators have experience in creating fair service agreements and can help you understand your rights as an NDIS participant when interacting with service providers. With this help, you can trust that you are getting the best support at the best rate.

SCSS offers support to coordinate your NDIS services and, depending on the level of support coordination outlined in your plan, the types of services we offer include:


• Working with you to find the most appropriate provider to deliver the services in your plan.

• Developing service agreements with providers.

• Working together with you to put your plan into action.

• Coordinate and source a range of supports such as allied health professionals, equipment, aids, and other approved services in your plan.

• Obtaining quotes for services

• Being there for you in times of crisis

• Working with you to develop skills, capacity and resilience.

Why Choose SCSS?


SCSS already assists people with a disability to receive supports under individualised plans. Our experience in tailored service delivery, support coordination and financial administration will assist you in meeting your individual goals. Whether you require both plan management and coordination of supports, or just one of these services, we will be happy to accommodate your needs.


We charge the scheduled fees for NDIS participants – we won’t surprise you with any extra fees or hidden charges. To access our services under the NDIS, they will need to be specified in your plan as they will be charged through your funding package.

If you are not an NDIS participant, but you have a package that you would like assistance with managing, please contact us for an explanation of the fee structure.

SCSS understands that sometimes there are barriers to getting into an office or location for a meeting or appointment. If you are experiencing difficulties, please enquiry about SCSS staff  meeting you at a more convenient place that suits or within your home.

If you are unsure whether you are able to access the NDIS, refer to the or phone 4153 5887 to discuss with one of our NDIS specialists or visit our website for more information: